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Monday, December 27, 2010

Episode 11 or Why 2011 is going to be a great gaming year!

Well folks, with 2010 behind us and so many great games already in our collection, we should be content with what we have.  OH NAY NAY!  2011 is looking to serve up some delicious helpings of pure awesomeness!  Some of these games will be delayed, postponed and maybe, hopefully not, cancelled.  But let's assume that the Gamer God is a loving God and everything will arrive right on time!  This episode has so much Awesome, you may have to take a break.  Let's begin shall we?


Dead Space 2 - This survival horror looks to build upon the success of the first game.  Can Issac Clarke survive again?


Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Own an island paradise and cruise around with friends from around the world!

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - I don't need to talk about this one.  It already rocks!

Bulletstorm - Epic Games & Polish game studio People Can Fly make you kill with skill.  This WTFPS will blow you away!


Crysis 2 - This groundbreaking shooter makes its console debut.

Dragon Age II - This epic piece of epicness is gonna be EPIC!!  Oh, and be ready for ManHawke vs. FemHawke!  There will be lots more on this game next episode.


Duke Nukem Forever - HAIL TO THE KING BABY!

Child of Eden - Best looking shooter on Kinect!


Portal 2 - Next in the long line of sequels is this puzzle shooter which looks to add some awesome co-op!


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - I know what you are thinking, but LEGO Capt. Jack Sparrow looks amazing!


Nothing announced yet, usually the summer is saved as a buffer when winter and spring games get delayed.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The direct follow-up to Oblivion hopefully improves on the cool controls of Elder Scrolls IV.


Gears of War 3 - Brothers to the end.  And Beast Mode.  So awesome!

Batman Arkham City - A massive city is in trouble, and we don't know who the main villain is!

Mass Effect 3 - The finalie of the Shepard Trilogy will hopefully not be the last game in this epic universe.

Holy crap thats a lot of games!  And these are just the announced titles!  What is really gonna happen in 2011?  Let's find out together!  HERE WE GO!!

And now here's the wisdom Relevant Wife: "Go big or go home!"\

Next Time: In depth with Dragon Age 2!

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