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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Episode 10 or The Irrelevant Gaming Awards

Dear readers, I figured it out... You don't like me, you like Miranda's boobs! I understand. I like her boobs too! If you googled Mass Effect 2 Miranda, you would have seen the glorious picture of Miranda scantily clad.  Google has since changed the source of the photo, so if I'm right, the page views should probably go down...a lot.  Which is why...duh duh da duuuuuuhhhh!!
Yeah Buddy.

On with the show!!

Here are the results of the 1st annual Irrelevant Gaming Awards!(crowd cheers)  No awful musical guests or acceptance speeches...just awards!  Here we go!

Best Add-On/DLC
Runner up: Dragon Age Origins - Witch Hunt
Winner: Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker

Best Collectors Edition
Winner: Fable 3

Best Multi-Player
Runner up: Call of Duty - Black Ops
Winner: Assassins Creed - Brotherhood

Most Memorable Moment
Runner up: Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission
Winner: Red Dead Redemption Finale

Best Story
Runner up: Red Dead Redemption
Winner: Alan Wake

Best Rock Band DLC Song
Winner: Eric Cartman - Pokerface

Most Anticipated Game of 2011
Runner up: Gears of War 3
Winner: Mass Effect 3

Best Xbox Live Arcade Title
Runner up: Shank
Winner: Monday Night Combat

Best Voice Performance
Runner up: Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect 2)
Winner: Seth Green (Mass Effect 2)

Best Character
Runner up: Alan Wake
Winner: John Marston

Runner up: Red Dead Redemption

And the winner is....


There you have it!  The 2010 Irrelevant Gaming Awards!

We end tonight with a word from the Relevant Wife:  "Nobody likes a sticky seat."

Coming up next time: 2011 Gaming Preview!

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