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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 14 or Why Nutshot + Headshot = True Love

Warning: This entry contains creative language that may make no sense. 

Sweet merciful potted plants!  I have just played the Bulletstorm demo!  I am now in pure awe of the creative and insane geniuses at Epic Games and People Can Fly.  These certified crazy people have come up with the most creative, imaginative and straight up fraked up game I have ever seen!  The game is beautiful!  The environments are lush and feel real.  Especially when you kick someone into the exposed re-bar for a VooDoo skillshot.   The controls, which seem a bit much at first, begin to feel perfect once you start killing.

The demo offers 3 different guns.  The carbine(an uber assault rifle), the Screamer(a pistol that you can charge up and unleash flaming doom upon several enemies!), and the Flailgun(a weapon that shoots two grenades attached by a chain!).

Make no mistake, this is pure chaos in game form!  Bullets and bodies flying everywhere.  And I haven't mentioned the whip yet!  This handy little device lets you wrangle a foe from a distance and fling him your way for some sweet sweet lead.  Bam.  You can also fling several enemies into the air at once, opening up the Trap-Shoot Skillshot.  Of course, you could always show 'em the underside of your awesome boot!  With so many ways to kill in this game, There is no excuse!  Download this demo RIGHT NOW!  Then go Pre-order the game!  Enjoy!
This demo contains awesome language like: 'dick-tits' and 'metric fuck-ton'.  That's how awesome it is!

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