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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Episode 12 or Why This Hawke Will Fly!

FemHawke Vs. ManHawke...Let the battle begin!

Garret Hawke.  Marian Hawke.  These are the names given to your character in BioWare's fantasy epic Dragon Age II.  Above is what they look like.  Don't like them?  Change it!  Because it's a BioWare game, it's all up to you!  Personally, This may be the very first time in which I DON'T change from the default!  I really like the look of Garret.  Hell, I even like the name!  Usually I go for an image that kinda looks like me(except in DA:O where I chose a dwarf noble with a pretty epic beard and facial tats.  Best choice!).  I am so impressed by the design of this character, more so than even Commander Shepard, who I edited to look kinda like me.  The whole game has been rebuilt from the ground up giving it a new look and feel, and yet you will know it is Dragon Age right away.  BioWare staff have been quoted as saying the new DA2 will be: "...bloodier and sexier..."  Not sure exactly what that means, but there is no part of that I didn't like!  On the post below, you can see the extended cinematic trailer.

There will be blood...

"...When you press a button, something epic will happen." - BioWare staff describing the new combat system.  Are you salivating yet?  I sure am!  Especially if we can do that awesome glowy-demon arms-come-out-of-nowhere-and-rips-guy-in-half move!  Plus, there is the distinct possibility of wielding the staff-sword shown in the trailer, all your blood magic and slicing and dicing in one convenient and easy to carry package!  Also make julian fries!

O hai Flemeth!  I wuz in yor haus stealin' yor grimoir!

Q. Will my actions in Dragon Age: Origins make a difference?
A. This is a BioWare game after all!  It wouldn't suprise me too much if what you did in Mass Effect 2 had an impact!  It won't, but that would be awesome.  Maybe they will have another cross-over armor like the Blood Dragon...

You will be able to import your game save right into DA2.  While this story is seperate from DA:O, your actions in the first game will directly impact the world.  Did you kill Flemeth?  What about the Ashes?  Did your Warden survive?  Alistair?  Loghain?  All of this will be weighed in all before you start on your 10 year journey to become the Champion of Kirkwall!  We will cover this game more as we get closer to the launch date in March!


This is the first great title for the Microsoft Kinect.  In fact, it blows Wii sports out of the water!  No more worrying about lobbing a controller at the TV.  YOU are the controller!  With six different sports and a more responsive control scheme, Kinect Sports works on every level!  It gets the blood pumping ad the heart rate up!  Play with up to 4 people in party mode or by yourself to become Kinect Sports Champion!

PROS: Easy to play and consistently fun!  High replay value!

Cons: Too many menus.  An option to get rid of the tutorials would be nice.

GRADE: 8.5 and...
Awesomeness Approved!

That's all for this episode!  

NEXT TIME: Games they SHOULD make for Kinect!

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