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Friday, October 22, 2010

Episode 4 or Why Ron Pearlman saying 4 little words make me squee.

War...war never changes.

And neither does the awesomeness that is the Fallout universe!  The newest installment of this great franchise has dropped on Tuesday to much anticipation.  In fact, it's regarded as the #1 most anticipated game of 2010!  For me it's a close second, right behind FABLE III.  More on FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS in our review!

NEWS:  Not a whole lot of gamer news this week.  But a whole lotta gearing up for Tuesday!  Oct. 26th is one of the biggest release dates I've ever seen!  With games like FABLE III, STAR WARS: TFU2, ROCK BAND 3, and THE SIMS 3 all dropping together, that clunk you heard is my wife's jaw hitting the floor!  I have my FABLE III controller and the new book, complete with weapon code, all ready to go...still have to make my villager though...

I do have some blog news though!  I am looking for some people to help write reviews, previews, rants, raves and complete lunacy!  If you want to help, write me up something and submit it to my Facebook page(use the new badge!)  Become an Irrelevant Gamer!  Impress your friends!  Alienate your significant other!  Be Capt. Awesome approved!

Alright, lets get to what you came here for!


  22 hours in and no end in sight.  Seriously.  I doubt I'm even a quarter of the way done.  Thus this will not be a proper review, so in light of that we will divide this up into episodic reviews called: New Vegas Update.  These will be spoiler free and all, but it will give my up-to-date insight on this ginormus game.  I have played it enough to grade the controls, overall story and find pros and cons.  Without further ado:

NEW VEGAS UPDATE part 1: Time: 22:42:28
  After starting FALLOUT 3 in a Vault, and taking about an hour to get to the wide world of the Capital Wasteland, FNV begins(no spoiler here) with you getting shot in the head(picture above) and waking up in a doctors office.  After about 10 minutes of setting up your character just the way you want, you are free to explore the Mojave Wasteland.  You can't access the Vegas strip right away(you need 2000 caps), but as soon as you have the cash, you are welcomed with open robotic arms.  Developed by Bethesda Softworks(FALLOUT 3, OBLIVION) and Obsidian(SW:KOTOR2: THE SITH LORDS and the stinker ALPHA PROTOCOL).  The story, while only so-so at this point really takes a back seat to the massive scale of this game.

PROS: VATS is back baby!  New factions, weapons and a whole lotta quests give this game a 100+ hour time frame!  If you are at all familiar with the controls for FALLOUT 3, you got this one down pat!

CONS: An OK story, coupled with an over complicated make-your-own-loot system, you never have enough room when you go questing.  Feels too much like FALLOUT 3 as well.


This is the segment where we hand out the Seal of Awesomness to one fantastic game!  This week:


What's MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT?  One part TOWER DEFENSE, one part TEAM FORTRESS, and sprinkled liberally with SMASH TV!  A 3rd person, class based, game show shooter in the simplest of terms.  One of the best XBOX LIVE ARCADE titles I've ever come across!  It's fast paced, hectic and near perfect.  My only complaint is that there are only 2 teams and 4 arenas.  Oh well...DLC maybe?


And now...
A special message from the Irrelevant Gamer's Relevant Wife:
(On Fallout: New Vegas) - "Wandering is good for the XP."

NEXT TIME: Theories as to why Peter Molyneux(FABLE creator) hates chickens.

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