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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode 15 or Reinventing the Wheel

This episode will probably be a bit shorter than others due to the fact that I want to stop writing this and get back to Bulletstorm!  As I said last time: Sweet merciful potted plants!!  THIS GAME IS OUTSTANDING!

It's simply a case of Epic Games, and People Can Fly reinventing the FPS.  Take everything you like in those military shooters, inject it with steroids, give it cocaine and the juvinille humor of a middle schooler with the intellect of a Harvard grad and you get a good game.  Bulletstorm is better than that!  It's smart, funny and way over the top!  An 8+ hour campaign plus some epic multiplayer action?  Yes please!  If you like shooters, you NEED this game!

REVIEW: Bulletstorm

PROS: The addition of the whip and the boot adds so much to a great shooter!  Over the top kills that reward you with points to spend on weapons and upgrades!  Beautiful graphics and intuitive controls!

CONS: Its easy to lose an enemy especially up close.

GRADE: 9.5 and

That's right!  The SuperSeal!


Got my hands on the Dragon Age 2 demo today.  I almost cannot contain the pure awesomeness coming from these two games!  DA2 upgrades EVERYTHING!  Hawke speaks, the graphics look spectacular, the combat flows better...I cannot think of a thing in the demo I didn't like!  It was spectacular!  But don't take my word for it...download it yourself and see!  I predict Bioware has another hit on their hands!

And now The Relevant Wife's Tips to a Solid Marriage: Buy 2 Xboxs and never question your wife's reading material!

Next Time: Bulletstorm's Multiplayer in action!!

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